Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pot Roast.


Since I'm not a fan of huge pieces of beef, I normally make my roasts in the crockpot. That way I don't feel like I wasted any time on a meal that isn't any good anyway. But last week I it occurred to me that maybe if I spent a little time working on a good roast recipe, I'd actually like it. Hmm.. brilliant or what?

So today we tried The Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast. Her recipes are just so fun. I think it's because I take my computer into the kitchen and try to make every step I do look exactly like Ree's pictures. And this time I even got to put a pot in the oven for for the first time ever.

It was exciting ya'll.


I'm sad to say that I still do not like huge pieces of beef. But I will say that this was the best pot roast I've tried. I think it was the rosemary. It made the apartment smell amazing and even though I couldn't taste it, I knew it was there.

Spencer loved it, of course. And shortly after cleaning his plate he started talking about the sandwiches he's going to have for dinner tomorrow. Bread, pot roast, and ketchup. Makes me a little sick just thinking about it but he loves them.


The Ward Family said...

That looks so good! Come to my house and cook for us! I like pot roast as long as I can have some heinz 57 sauce to dip my meat in. I am not a huge slab of meat person either, but I like to dip. I dip chicken fingers in ranch. I dip ham in mustard....etc. I love reading all your ideas!!!

Lauren said...

we had the exact same thing for lunch- roast, mashed potatoes and carrots! yummo!