Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Pioneer Woman Recipes.

I guess this week was Pioneer Woman week for me because today's dinner was recipe number 3 from her.


My crappy picture does not do The Marlboro Man Sandwich justice. Spencer was practically pulled the plate away as I was trying to take a picture. So why didn't I just take a picture of my sandwich? Because I chose to pile the steak and onion on a place and eat it with my fingers. I did. And it was amazing.


This one is her Chicken Spaghetti. As soon as Spencer took his first bite, he told me he would like to eat this atleast once a month. I'm not a casserole person but I think I, too, could eat this once a month.

My only beef with the casserole was the "veggies". I can't stand the texture of peppers or onions so it was too much for me. I used only half an onion and half a bell pepper but it still made my stomach turn when I'd crunch into one. So next time I'll either leave them out completely or saute them a little before adding them.


Karly said...

Yum! I am in love with that blog now, Amanda. Her picture illustrations are awesome. Of course I probably won't make half the delicious stuff that you do, but I will just live vicariously though you!

Zen Master said...

Have you tried the Marlboro Man's second favorite sandwich? Yum!

I'm going to try those cookies that she made this past week. I went out and bought all the doughs and candy.

She is amazing!

S.B. said...

The Marlboro man sandwich looks like something my husband would love! I love seeing food people prepare on their blogs. I'm not the best cook, so I need inspiration.