Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bacon Pinwheels.


Mmm.. bacon, cream cheese, green onions, crescent rolls...! Does it get any better?

These are so bad for you but oh-so-good. There wasn't a single one left after Spencer and I got done with them. They were so good, in fact, that I might be adding them to my menu for the little Lovebug's first birthday.

I originally saw the recipe over at Blonde Ambition in the Kitchen but since we're all about the fatty goodness around here I went by the original Kraft recipe. Except I substituted green onions for regular onions because the thought of regular onions in this made me feel kind of sick. And I made them into pinwheels because the ones on the Kraft website aren't very fun looking.


MrsPresley said...

the regular onions are actually pretty good in this recipe :) glad you enjoyed them!

Jackie said...

Amanda- Thanks for stopping over at my are an incredibly talented cook. And it is a stress reliever for you...??? Reminds me of my sister. My dh would love your menu plans and meals! He loves seafood..and I am allergic to most shellfish. Poor guy!