Monday, October 29, 2007

Meal Plan Monday.

Lately I've had a real problem with the food I make. I enjoy it when I first make it but the leftovers make me want to throw up. Just looking at them makes me sick. It's so bad that I've forbidden Spencer from eating them when I'm around. So this week when I sat down to make my meal plan, I decided to stick with things that are simple, good, and I know I like. I apologize for any boredom I may cause this week. But I need it.

Monday: Nothing. Spencer's having friends over and I don't feel like cooking.
Tuesday: Chicken Supreme.
Wednesday: Spencer's Mac & Cheese.
Wednesday: Baked Ziti.
Thursday: Going out with Spencer's family.
Friday: Boneless Buffalo Pizza (or BBQ Chicken Pizza.. haven't decided).
Saturday: Ruebens
Sunday: Out!

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