Friday, November 9, 2007


Okay, can anyone explain why my husband has been stocking up on peanut butter M&Ms? I mean, we live in Alabama so I guess he could be saving them for the next hurricane? Or maybe not.. but I opened the cabinet the other day to find three huge bags. Three bags! I didn't even know he liked peanut butter M&Ms!

I'd been wanting to make chocolate chip cookies but we have no chocolate chips and I'm too lazy to lug the kid to the store, so I put on my thinking cap (yeah..) and decided to crush up the M&Ms and throw them into cookies! Yay me!

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I used this recipe but substituted 2 cups of crushed M&Ms for the chips. And I figured the walnuts would just be weird so I left those out.

They were good on the first day. A little crunchy on the second. And rock hard on the third. It didn't stop me from eating them though.

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