Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cauliflower Gratin.

A few days before Christmas I was informed by Spencer that his mother wanted me to bring something to her Christmas Eve dinner. I briefly considered mashing up an avocado, throwing in a jar of salsa, and calling it guacamole but I decided I better behave myself.

I turned to Ina.

I love Ina. I love everything about her. I love that she only owns one style of shirt and only in dark colors. I love that she has the strangest assortment of friends. I love that in Ina's kitchen everything is "fabulous". I love that her husband has curly hair.

I didn't, however, love her cauliflower gratin.


I'll go ahead and apologize for the photo. I felt slightly stupid standing over my mother-in-law's stove trying to get a picture of some cauliflower. I did it quickly and without anyone noticing... I think.

Onto my issue with the fabulous cauliflower gratin.

I spent $15 on cheese. Yes, $15 on a little gruyere and a little parmesan. All I tasted was cauliflower.

Maybe that could be blamed on me forgetting the nutmeg. Maybe the nutmeg is what makes them go "hmm".. oh wait, that's Rachael Ray, right? Nevermind.

But geez. I'm glad that I had some gruyere left to snack on because I was super disappointed that I couldn't taste it more in the dish.

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