Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What My Fridge Says About Me...

Kacie is hosting a really fun little thing over at her blog, Sense to Save. The idea is to post a picture of the outside of your fridge and talk about what it says about you. So here goes!


Crappy picture, much?

Okay... the two bigger pictures are my cousins, Jon and Michael. I was the only kid in my entire extended family until Jon came along so they're like the brothers I never had. They live in the New Orleans area which means I only see them a few times a year. Of course I have to have pictures of them around!

The smaller picture is of Spencer when he was, maybe 14 or 15. He hates the picture because he was overweight and had thick glasses but I love it. He just looks so cute and innocent and it makes me wish I had known him back then.

The tiny sticker in the upper left corner is from a deck of cards. My best friend Megan and I spent many days playing cards after Landon was born since there wasn't much else to do with a newborn and sometime in there we decided we wanted to be the people that put the tax stickers on cards. I'm still not sure why the sticker is there or why it's stayed there as long as it has but I'm not taking it down. It reminds me that no matter what crazy idea I come up with, Megan will always understand me. And vice versa.

The pictures are held up by Starbucks magnets. You know the "Coffee of the Day" sign in every Starbucks? Yeah you do. It's the one that lists the decaf, bold, and mild coffees that they're offering. Okay. Well next to the name of the coffee is a magnet with a picture that represents that coffee. I liked to collect things related to our seasonal coffees. So when it was time to get rid of the seasonal stuff and throw away the magnets, I'd grab them. No reason to waste a perfectly good magnet.

I don't like a lot of clutter on my fridge. This is the most I've ever had on it and that's because I just recently recieved of the pictures of Jon and Michael. I keep meaning to buy a cork board to hang next to the fridge so I can take everything off it. Hopefully I'll remember to do that soon.

Head over to Sense to Save if you wanna join in on the fridge fun!

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Kacie said...

Cool! thanks for participating! I'll have to come back and check out your blog more often.