Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Blog.

I'm sure you guys have noticed that I have a post about dear sweet Dukie's Christmas but not one for Landon. Well, if you happened to be reading my blog at about 1 AM on Friday night, you would've seen a Landon post.

I get really paranoid when I don't sleep. So at 3 AM that night as I was stretched out on the ottoman (I try many ways to get some sleep...) I started freaking out about posting so many pictures of Landon.

I tore myself away from whatever Nick at Nite show happened to be on and deleted the entry. Got back on the ottoman and thought "Wow, I should probably delete my Dukie entry too or everyone's gonna think that I love the dog more than my child." But I just couldn't get up again.

I guess the story of Duke and the Christmas tennis ball will remain on the blog and maybe one night I'll get brave enough to post a bunch of Landon pictures.

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Lisa said...

I'm crazy about this too...which is why Madilyn makes very few appearances on my blog. Same thing happened with me - I used to have tons of pics and posts about her on my blog, and then, and I'm totally serious,the SAME THING happened to me - I was laying in bed one night and in the middle of the night I got this sudden panic that some freak was reading my blog and they were going to come in through her window and grab I deleted it all. I get so paranoid about stuff - especially when I'm tired. We both so need to work on our sleep habits (as I write this at 12:47 am...LOL!) I'd love to have more stuff about her on my blog. Too bad the stupid internet freaks have to go and ruin it for everybody!